A Brief History of St. Croix and Today’s Island Characteristics

For David Johnson Cane Bay as a headquarters for a management consulting firm proved to be a natural fit. The paradisaical, laid-back atmosphere of the Virgin Islands helps the executives and their employees recharge every day. The sight of the ocean and the enjoyment of the year-round warm weather allows them to beat stress and reach higher levels of productivity.

A Brief History of the Island

Cane Bay is on the island of St. Croix, which the United States purchased from Denmark in 1917 for military strategy. The islands of St. John and St. Thomas were also purchased by the United States at this time. All became U.S. territories. Great Britain owns the other four main islands in the Virgin Islands group, along with many smaller ones.

The Virgin Islands are part of the West Indies, a much larger group of islands in the Caribbean Sea. Agriculture was once the strongest economic force for St. Croix, with sugar being the primary crop. Now, tourism is a driving factor, although the agriculture sector remains somewhat strong.

Native people of the island were there when Christopher Columbus arrived in 1493 on his second trip to the New World. The island’s ownership changed over the years, eventually being acquired by France and then sold to the Danish government.

Management Consulting

Cane Bay Partners, run by Mr. Johnson and his partner Kirk Chewning, offers consulting services to clients in many types of business. With assistance from a firm like this one, all sorts of organizations and entrepreneurs find solutions to various problems they face in management. A primary area of expertise is financial services, with the partners providing consultation service on aspects like collections, debt management and asset management.

A Charitable Organization

The company initiated Cane Bay Cares as a charitable arm of the organization. One of its noteworthy accomplishments has been raising a large amount of money to help island residents after the 2017 hurricanes devastated parts of the Caribbean, including St. Croix. Hurricane Maria was one of the worst storms ever to hit the island, although St. Croix residents have had to deal with hurricane damage before.