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5 Workplace Movies that Can Make You Laugh Out Loud

Sometimes you need to have a good laugh at the end of a stressful day.

Workplace comedies can do so much more than just lift your spirits. These movies will definitely make you think of similar office scenarios and adventures.

A hearty laugh can help you deal with your job especially if you can’t stand it.

Grab a glass of wine or maybe a bottle of beer before you start watching. These five comedy workplace films are sure to make you laugh so hard you’ll cry.

1. Office Space is a 1999 movie about the usual office environment and a character who had had enough of the grind. Although the film debuted in 1999, the situations and humor are still highly relevant to the current work environment.

You can definitely relate to the frustration whenever the scenes were about office tools and machines that did not work when you needed them desperately. The scene where the office staff slams the printer with a bat is kind of therapeutic.

2. The Devil Wears Prada (2006): You will definitely relate to this movie if you have ever had a boss that was impossible to please. Newbie Anne Hathaway was stuck with terrible boss Meryl Streep who made her learn her job in the most difficult manner.

Although your workplace may not be as fashionable as the office in the movie, you will surely relate to the awkward feeling when you were still a newbie mentored by a terrible boss or senior.

3. Horrible Bosses (2011) is a movie that talks about, well, what else, horrible bosses. Having a horrible boss is not confined to office-type work environments.

The movie is fictional, of course, so don’t start plotting how to kill your boss. If anything, this comedy hilariously tells us that everyone has a good side even if it’s so hard to believe.

4. The Proposal (2009) is a romantic comedy that also tackles difficulties at the workplace.

Sandra Bullock plays the awful boss to Ryan Reynolds. Bullock is a real pain in this movie so if you think female bosses are easy to get along with – think again.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy is a 2004 film which show how one can behave so terribly in a professional setting.

The best way to describe Ron Burgundy is that he’s a bully and a sexist. The movie is definitely hilarious, although we hope nothing like it happens in today’s professional environment.

Laughter is a good remedy for those suffering from terrible workplace situations – thanks to funny workplace movies. If you want more funny movies to help you survive the daily grind, click for more.